Based in the original commercial heart of Vancouver, Spears Sales & Service has been providing quality parts, warranty and repair to building owners and mechanical contractors since 1960.  We have built a reputation on our trustworthiness over the decades, and take pride in the fact that our extensive knowledge has kept customers coming back to us over the span of many years.

Our company has grown as the city has grown, and chances are, we’ve seen the inner workings of your building at some point in our history.  This in-depth knowledge of the idiosyncrasies present on your property makes us uniquely equipped to deal with unforeseen problems and emergency situations.  Each property has a personality, and we can analyze, diagnose, and ultimately, fix any quirks you might discover.

We are the key contact for all the top mechanical companies in the city when they encounter emergencies, and we would like to put our expertise to work for you!