Spears Sales & Service offers a FREE Building Orientation Service, consisting of a 2 Р4 hour building walk-thru  with our Head Service Technician and/or our Service Manager.

This service provides the following:

  • Complete documentation of:
    • Location and description of all mechanical equipment
    • Location of all water shut-offs
    • Any building particulars that may assist in a mechanical emergency


  • Building information will be kept on file
    • One copy will be held in Spears Sales & Service’s ofiice
    • One copy will be left in the building or with the site manager

This information will allow Spears to become familiar with your building and how it operates, so our technicians can efficiently assist you with any emergency that may arise, with or without the building manager (if necessary).

This service is FREE OF CHARGE.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE building orientation.